EPC Technologies has been recognised for its contribution to solar industry knowledge, featuring in the very first edition of ARENA Insights – a newsletter dedicated to sharing knowledge gained from ARENA funded projects to the broader energy industry.

Solar installations on industrial rooftops are typically limited in scale by the local network owner. This limits the scale of systems that can be constructed on large industrial roof-spaces to the peak energy load on that site. Our project ‘Integrating medium-scale solar on industrial rooftops into the distribution network’ involved a feasibility study to address the technical, regulatory and commercial issues that currently prevent solar installations that exceed the expected capacity of the incumbent load.

One of the clear outcomes we derived from this research is the potential benefits that distributed solar inverters and batteries can bring to the local network when harnessed correctly. This ties in very well with ARENA’s latest initiative announced on October 3 2018, looking at the integration of behind the meter Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and growing the penetration of DERs in Australia. This funding seeks to “support a wide range of initiatives in partnership with other agencies to address technological challenges, regulatory and market barriers and consumer issues.”

You can find out more about our research into the integration of medium scale solar on industrial rooftops here. If you own an industrial rooftop and would like to benefit from our knowledge and experience in commercial solar, please contact us to arrange a free initial consultation.