EPC Technologies received notification today that the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) has approved our application as a Small Generation Aggregator (SGA). We are now a participant in the National Electricity Market!

With this registration complete, we can now facilitate the sale of electricity back into the electricity grid from commercial and industrial sites with generation capability. This is an exciting development for us, and complements our expertise in both roof-top and ground mounted solar design.

If you are a commercial/industrial site and have on-site solar energy, contact us about your solar feed-in tariff and whether you are maximising the value you get from it. We can ensure you receive the full value of the energy you export to the grid.

If you are considering a new solar systems, contact us about designing a system that maximising the system size and electricity cost savings. We have worked with many of Australia’s leading solar retailers, and have innovative designs that utilise the latest technology to increase generation capacity while maintaining grid stability.

Ready to achieve superior returns on commercial solar energy? Contact EPC Technologies today!